Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fat Kitty Yoyo string review!

Fat Kitty Yoyo String Review

Hi all, I have a few more types of string in the mail so expect more reviews!!!! Today, I will be         reviewing the Fat Kitty yoyo string from Kitty yoyo string!! Now lets get on with the review!!!!

Size, Weight, Texture

The Fat Kitty yoyo string is similar and different to regular kitty string in the way of size. Kitty string comes longer and without a knot, and for Fat Kitty, it is no different. Fat Kitty also has the same texture. But Fat Kitty is thicker, hence the name. Also, I found that Fat Kitty has a little more string weight, which can be expected because of more threads.


I was slightly disappointed to find that is seems like Fat Kitty wears out faster. Maybe I just got some bad stings, but from what I can tell, Fat Kitty frays faster. 

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Why is Fat Kitty so good? Or is it bad.

This is all about preference. I find that Fat Kitty gives tighter binds, better whips, and just makes the yoyo feel like a whole new yoyo. But in the end, Fat Kitty is just different. Many world champions have won with Fat Kitty, but yoyo string is not what decides a world champion. If your using any other type of string, I recommend to try Fat Kitty.


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So in the end of the day, Fat Kitty is some of my favorite string. It has such an amazing feel, its hard to believe I used to not use it. Kitty String makes some amazing stuff, and Fat Kitty is just an example!

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