Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Clyw Gnarwhal 2 yoyo review!!!

Clyw Gnarwhal 2 yoyo review!!!!

Sorry for no reviews lately. I have been very busy with school but finally asked my brother to borrow his Gnarwhal 2 for a yoyo review! So here it is!

Specs and Size

Here are the specs on the Gnarwhal 2:

Diameter:   53.15mm

Width:        43.35mm
Gap Width: 4.22mm
Weight:       65.8g
The Gnarwhal 2 is bigger than his brother, the Gnarwhal. However, it is still a slightly undersized yoyo. When playing with the Gnarwhal 2, you do not feel the weight at all. I also find that the Gnarwhal 2 has a big gap. However, when using it, I find no difference in binding and response.
The Gnarwhal 2 is also not intended to go fast. It can do your slowest tricks but actually holds up well on a lot of speed combos.

How does it play?

The Gnarwhal 2 has a  very different playing style. It plays floaty, smooth and carefree. Unlike most competition throws, the Gnarwhal weight is barely felt on the string, making this yoyo a lax everyday throw.

Final Thoughts

Well, the Gnarwhal 2 is definitely not an ideal competition yoyo. But the Gnarwhal 2 is a fun, everyday throw. I  highly recommend it to anyone wanting a new, fun throw.

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