Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cll training ao5
That UWR though :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Speedcubing videos are coming!!

Speedcubing: Videos coming!!!

Hi all!
Today I announce I will be making some Speedcubing video's!!!
Still trying to find a good spot, but a 2X2 CLL training video will be out as well as a pyraminx average of 5!!!!!
Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yoyojam Dark Magic 2 review!

Yoyojam Dark Magic 2 yoyo review!!

Hi everyone, it is raining so no bind tutorial, but I thought I would do something slightly different and review a cheaper yoyo. This yoyo was my first  serious yoyo. But the Dark Magic 2 is not a new yoyo, so the real question here is whether or not it is still a good intermediate.

Specs and Size

Here are the specs on the Dark Magic 2:

Diameter: 56.13mm
Width:      41.4mm
Weight:    69g
Gap Width:      With Narrow Bearing: 3m
                         With Speed Bearing:   4.95mm

You might notice that this yoyo ships with 2 different bearings. That is worth knowing because that lets this  yoyo do basic tricks like walk the dog all the way to very hard tricks. But nothing on these specs stand out, the Dark Magic is just a larger yoyo.
NOTE: The picture above is the Dark Magic 2 with the narrow bearing, which makes the yoyo responsive!

How Does it Play?

Slow. This yoyo is not fast. It is very easily controllable. I find it sleeps for a reasonable amount of time. It feels like it has a lot of power, which it does thanks to it weighing 69g

Final Thoughts

Clearly, this is not a yoyo that the pros would use nowadays. However, I feel like this yoyo is still the best beginner yoyo on the market. With 2 bearings, 69g weight, and a big catch zone, this yoyo is perfect for anyone that is new to yoyoing.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Yoyojam Phenom yoyo review!!!

Yoyojam Phenom yoyo review

Hi everyone,
I have been sick so not a lot of content has been coming out from me so I thought I would start reblogging again with a review of an older yoyo from yoyojam- the phenom

Specs and Size

Here are the specs on the yyj phenom:

Diameter: 56mm
Width:      39.6mm
Acid Wash: 65g
Black:          65.5g
Purple:        66.5
Nickel plating: 69.1g

The Phenom is one of the many signatures yoyos of Hiroyuki Suzuki. The yoyo has a slightly smaller width than most yoyos from other yoyo companies(clyw,onedrop, ect) but is still enough to not have a major impact on string catches.  The yoyo is just around normal in weight. 

How does it play?

The Phenom plays like how Hiroyuki Suzuki's style looks- Fast. I  have tried this yoyo in both Nickel and Gold, and I can tell you they both play like they are very light weight. The bi-metal design alows the yoyo to sleep for an extremely long time. Another thing you should notice about the yoyo is its shape. It has one of the strongest V shapes on the yoyo market. But after much inspection, one can notice the slight curvature of the yoyo.

Final thoughts

Well, the Phenom is an amazing yoyo. Unfortunately, this yoyo technology is starting to really fall behind. This yoyo is good. But with the $140 price tag, I'd much rather recommend a  newer fast yoyo- like an Angle, Superfly  Remix, or, with a little more saving, you can get yourself a nice YYR.