Monday, February 8, 2016

C3YoYoDesign Accelerator review

C3YoYoDesign Accelerator review

A review. Enough said.

Specs and Size

Diameter: 55.48mm
Width:      45.55mm
Gap Width: 4.45mm
Weight:       66.5g

The Accelerator is a bigger yoyo that has a noticeable sized gap width. It also has a relatively large  diameter and width. 

How does it play?

This yoyo plays fast. It also has a very powerful spin which allows for longer grinds. Even though this yoyo is more than 66 grams, it feels more like a yoyo in the 60-65 gram weight range.

Final Thoughts

 The C3YoYoDesign Accelerator is an all around great budget yoyo. It shows incredible performance and skill for costing only $50. The anos look amazing, and because it can spin for such a long time, many new grinding  possibilities open up. This yoyo can be great for a yoyoer looking for their first metal or a advanced yoyoer!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Cubing Channel

Hi everyone,
I have started a new cubing channel!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Yoyojam Lateral caps review!!!!!!!

Yoyojam lateral caps review!!!

A little late but because there are still a lot in stock at various retailers, I thought I should make a review on them. Enjoy :)

Basic info

The yoyojam lateral caps are an extension to your yoyo. You snap them into the cup of the yoyojam yoyo.  The caps are concaved so this makes finger spinning with the caps very easy. The caps  are designed to fit many of yoyojams yoyos. It is important to note that these caps are NOT like hubstacks, they do not spin. All what they are is a concanve plate to make fingerspins much longer.

Installing- Easy of Difficult???

These caps are easy but also hard to install. When I got them for a Go Big, I thought they were the wrong size. After emailing yoyoexpert, I found that they just need a lot of force to get them stuck in. It felt like I was going to break my yoyo, however this is not the case.

Final thoughts

These caps are awesome. They allow you to get a nice fingerspin on many yoyojam yoyos that would otherwise be impossible to fingerspin on( Go Big, ect)
Another thing to note is that they can be hard to use without a glove, but with practice this is not a problem. Overall, I highly recommend getting these cheap inserts for your yoyojam yoyos that can take them!
Here is a list of the yoyos they are compatible with:
Size 1- Quest and ReXtreme
Size 2- Go Gig and ReXtreme 2