Monday, October 26, 2015

Clyw Arctic Circle 2 yoyo review

Here it is!

The review of the AC2 is here.
NOTE: My AC2 is fools gold but the only problems are in the ano.

Specs and Size

The AC2 has specs that are all in the range of Clyw yoyos

Diameter: 55.6mm
Width:      45.25mm
Gap Width:  4.00mm
Weight:     65.1g

The AC2 has  a shape similar to the OG AC. When I am holding it, I feel like the AC2 has a shape similar to the Summit. However, the Summit has more of H shape while the AC2 has a slightly more V shape

How does it play?

The AC2 plays fast but floaty. It feels less stable than other Clyw yoyos like the Orca but is actually very stable in comparison. The AC2 is one of my favorite yoyos because you can go slow and smooth or fast with still a lot of flow. 

Final thoughts!

The AC2 is a joy to have in my collection. It is smooth, stable, and has that Clyw feel. I am sad to see that it has been discontinued but many are still available at certain retailers! I feel it is a amazing competition yoyo and can do all the tricks. Did I also mention its pretty fantastic at fingerspins?

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