Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kitty 1.5 vs Kitty regular

Here it is. The time has come

Well all,
My first yoyo string reviews! Hopefully more coming! I like the Idea of doing two stings vs each other, so thats what I am going to do a lot of. Here is how this is going to work. I will talk about the durability, feel, how they play, and finally which is better. So lets get on with it!


When I first started this comparison, I realized I like the feel of Kitty Regular over Kitty 1.5. I find that regular is softer and smoother. It also seems to hold its tension better. Kitty 1.5 feels more like a harder, coarser string.


This is a tough category to give my opinion about. Like I previously mentioned, Kitty Regular has better string tension that lasts longer. However, it is softer which should mean it wears out faster. And it does, but only slightly. Really, durability should not be a deciding factor on which one is better, because they are pretty much the same in this category.

How they Play?

After playing which each for a very long time, I have my thoughts. I found that 1.5 was better at tech, and just felt better at it. Regular was definitely better at slacks and whips. That is pretty much all for this category.

Which is better?

Now this category is all about opinion. Personally, I found I liked regular more. Great yoyo players use both though. Andrew Maider, Harrison Lee, and Riccardo Faolini are just a few of the many great yoyo players to use regular, while Petr Kavka and Nuu Gatowsky use 1.5. I think you should get both, and decide which one is for you then.

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