Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Orca yoyo review

CLYW Orca Review

Hi everyone,
I hade a great time at the NYYC 2015! As well as meeting all my favorite yoyo players, I got my hands on a cool FG Orca yoyo from CLYW. It was the last they had for sale so I was lucky to get it! This yoyo is now my favorite yoyo, and lets see why.

Size and Shape!

The Orca is very comfortable to hold. When I first held the Orca, I was surprised by how it felt. It feels almost exactly like the Chief. Harrison's goal was to combined his favorite yoyos, and he could not have done s better job. The yoyo has the shape of the Chief, the cup of the Puffin 2, and the spike area of the Bonfire.
The Orca's Specs
Diameter:     55.05mm
Width:          45mm
Gap width:   4.05mm
Weight:        67 g


The Orca is slightly heavier than the average throw. Weighing in at 67 grams, this yoyo seems like it would be a slow, down beat yoyo. However, the yoyo industry has proven heavy yoyos can be speedy and floaty. And the Orca proves this again.

How It Plays?

Wow. That is all I can say. this yoyo is everything from a speedy, horizontal yoyo to a slow, lax player. The Orca is steady. I was expecting this yoyo to play like the AC2, and I was wrong. The Orca plays like a whole new throw. Most people would think it would play like the Chief, but in my opinion, the Orca is Unique.

Final Thoughts!

This yoyo is incredible. It feels good, plays good, and looks good. My Orca is FG but is smooth as glass. It has a few ano flaws but nothing much. What makes my orca special is I got Andrew Maider to sign it right after his finals performance, in which he got 2nd place! So in the end of the day, the Orca is my favorite yoyo and in my opinion, a must have for any CLYW fan!

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