Sunday, September 13, 2015

General Yo Amplitude Review

General Yo Amplitude Review

Hi everyone,
Today I will be reviewing the Amplitude from General Yo


First off, the specs
Diameter: 53.85 mm
Width: 42.27 mm
Gap: 4.3 mm
Weight: 63.4 grams

Size, Shape, and Weight

The first thing you notice when you hold this yoyo is the shape. It is a pretty harsh V shape. That is very unlike general yo because most of there yoyos have a bit of smooth curve. Even though this yoyo could be considered undersized, It feels perfect in the hand; not to big and not to small. This yoyo is super light weight which makes it have a unique style and feel.

How Does It Play?

Many of these yoyos have some vibe or vibe. My General Yo amplitude is 1/1 and has vibe. Most of it can be tuned out. Aside from that, the one thing I can say is Fast. This yoyo can play so fast you can easily loose control of it. It zips on the string and can fly through your best combos. These yoyos are tumbled so there finish is not as grind friendly as a blast but can still be used for a good transitional grind.

Final Thoughts

Well, This yoyo is amazing. If this will be your next competition yoyo or your first metal, this yoyo will not disappoint you!

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