Saturday, September 5, 2015

CLYW Bonfire yoyo review

Clyw has come out with so many great yoyos. Today I will give you a review of the Clyw Bonfire in the Zach Gormley edition colorway.

Shape, Size, And Weight

The Bonfire is the most extreme V shape yoyo Clyw has ever made. This shape reminds me of a mix between many shapes. The Bonfire also Is a pretty big yoyo. Most Clyw yoyos are pretty wide and the Bonfire is no different. 
Here are the most basic specs on the Bonfire:
Diameter: 55.1 mm
Width: 45.3 mm
Gap width: 4.16 mm
Weight: 65.5 grams
Bearing size: C
Response: Clyw snow tires

How It Plays

The Bonfire is a upscale version of the campfire. It is as if Clyw put a Campfire in a magical machine that grew it from a pocket yoyo into a full size yoyo. However, is only a few grams heavier. This cause the yoyo to be floaty and yet lightning fast.

Final Thoughts:

This yoyo was my first Clyw yoyo and I could have not been more impressed. This yoyo and the Chief are two of Clyws must haves. I highly recommend getting one of these yoyos. You will not be disappointed.

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